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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bathroom... Almost complete!

The Bathroom before was a very drab place. It was dark, dingy and absolutely outdated. With one wall painted a denim blue and the other three a harvest yellow it just screamed 90's country. The heater on the ceiling was a smoke yellow, you know that color walls turn after someone smokes for years in a house? Ya that and the ceiling exhaust fan were that color. So were the outlet covers, the light switch, the heater knob and the exhaust fan knob.   

When we first moved in there was oak towel bar, can we say gross and moldy??, and it hung over the toilet. Which just seemed so very weird to me.  You can see the matching toilet paper roll on the counter below.
 The picture below is after I painted the mirror frame. That was also oak. because ya know, why not?

 The ceiling was the biggest project ever. I scraped the peeling bits and then we mudded!
The big box of mud! This stuff was awesome. It was already pre-mixed and ready to use. I made the mistake of getting a 14 inch trowel instead of a 12 and those 2 extra inches really did make it a little bit harder to control and keep level. Your arm gets very tired!
Once that was done and dried, I sanded the entire ceiling. With my little tiny hand sander. So much fun.... Not! It made the biggest mess I have ever seen! I taped the drain in both the bathtub and the sink to try and prevent a ton of the stuff going down the drains.  Then it was go time!
This is the ceiling after the first mud and before the first sanding. You can see the big grooves and ridges. Since we won't  be adding texture to the ceiling we needed to do our best to get it as smooth and flat as possible.

 It just needed a light touch in most places but in others you had to just go over and over and over to get it flat and even.
 And this is what I looked like HALF way through! Just halfway! Oh it was insane!

 I couldn't imagine doing it with out that mask! Even with it on I had white bogeys for days! And I had extremely full hair with awesome body!

After sanding I wiped it all down and then put up another, very thin, coat of mud. and while that dried I started on the rest of the projects for the bathroom. The light fixture was a cream color and just so blah. I sprayed it Oil Rubbed Bronze and then glued pennies all over it. I kinda thought it looked weird and cheap but I just kept on going.

 I also sprayed the shower curtain rod the same color and glued pennies to some letters that spell out "BATH". We have a painting Cor's grandma did for us that was kinda the color inspiration and so I sprayed that frame as well.

Once the mud was done drying I did a very light sand and wipe and then started painting. I started with the walls to allow the mud a whole day to cure. We picked a very light blue with a creamy white ceiling color.

 It was messy and crowded and a pain in the butt.

 We brought the ceiling color down a few inches onto the wall to add a bit more height and something different.  I wasn't so sure but now I love it!

 Once the paint was dry and the tub was caulked we got to work putting the place back together. First up was the light.... I am in love. We splurged and got the "vintage" Thomas Edison style light bulbs and they seriously are just amazing. They are very yellow in color which kinda changed the whole fresh, bright and clean vibe but look how awesome!!

 We haven't hung the letters or the frame yet, still deciding on the best way and place. But they look just as sweet and awesome on the counter.  We also bought a new set of towel rings, bar and toilet paper holder in the same ORB color as everything else.
I spray painted the fan and heater covers to a crisp white and am doing the knobs later today.  Makes a huge difference in the look. and look at the gleam on that gorgeous ceiling of mine!
Below is one option of tp storage that I am playing with, hence the tag still attached. I still want a cool shelf to add above the toilet for storage and drama pieces.

We still need to finish painting the vanity which is on this weeks to do list and we need to get some big fluffy towels and some other little bits to pull it together. I kinda love it and can't wait to show it off!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Zoo!

For all of you (yes, all three of you) that are waiting on bathroom updates I am almost done! I just forgot to take some pictures and will do that tonight for you! It's looking so much brighter and I am in love with my satin smooth ceiling!!

For the meantime I shall post my trip to the zoo I took a few weeks ago.

I went with my brother, Sister-in-law, two nieces, and another family that we are friends with. We went on a Sunday and the weather was kinda crappy. Not too cold but gray and a little drizzly. The day before was of course a gorgeous sunny bright blue sky Saturday! Figures.

We got there pretty early to see the lion cubs, there were 4! They were all wrestling around with some cardboard boxes and it was just absolutely adorable! There was a Kangaroo with her baby still in the pouch and he was sticking his tiny little head out to eat. Very cute and weird all at the same time. All the animals seemed to be out and about more than I have ever seen before. It was actually kinda the perfect zoo trip. Except for the minor four year old meltdown we had at the very end.

Total Picture overload but it was so much fun to run around with the girls and see so many animals so up close and personal! Gotta love being a kid again!