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Saturday, July 28, 2012

We got it!

We freaking got it!

We are officially in escrow!

We got the call yesterday that the lien holder approved our price and we can follow through with the purchase of our own home!

The only snag so far is that they lowered the amount they are willing to pay for closing. A bit of a bummer but not too big of an issue.

We are sitting down on Tuesday with our lender to start all the paperwork and then heading out to the house to meet with our agent and see the home again!

I can not wait! We are so terrified and so excited!

If all goes as planned we should be in the house by the end of September. Which means..... We will be in our home for my favorite time of year!

Please keep us in your thoughts so it all goes smoothly!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Down with the cuteness

It's been a tough few months. We are so ready to have an answer on this house. Or to at least have a direction, a timeline, any news at all. But we don't and so we wait.

In the time of waiting and saving we try to embrace each other and keep the love alive. No easy thing when we work opposite schedules,let me tell you!

Once a week we hit a movie or dinner, sometimes lunch if we won't see each other for dinner.

I love these little moments we spend together. I am reminded daily of how wonderful he is and how freaking cute that face is!  Even when the laundry doesn't get switched or the dishes put away or any little thing doesn't get done he gets away with it because that freaking face!

It makes me a bit nervous about what our future child will get away with!

So until we have a house to fill our time and drive us crazy I will just continue to enjoy our time together!

Cuteness and mushy overload!

Monday, July 16, 2012


We are stagnant.

We are stale.

We are DONE!

Done with the waiting and having our life on hold! This home buying process has been draining. So draining. And we have only just started.

We are almost three months in from the date of placing an offer and I feel like nothing has changed. It was all go go go at the start. So many addendums, inspections, drive bys. It all was happening so fast. And then we hit the brick wall that is a short sale.

We are at the mercy of the lienholder. Just waiting and waiting for the call and hoping it is a good one. And then the stress really starts.

Until then our lives are on hold. We just keep working and saving and passing each other like ships in the night. Only pausing once a week for dinner together. We miss each other. We miss our lives.

Right now we can't change a single thing about our money. I can't switch to a better job, although I Sooo desperately want and need to. The vw is slowly breaking down and not so reliable but we can't get a new car. Our mattress leaves much to be desired and we are taking turns sleeping on the couch.

It's not all negative but it is all tho he that we badly need to fix, replace or purchase and we can't. We must wait. Our credit can not change until the keys are handed over.

I can't release until then. The pressure is so needing a little escape. A little good news, a little forward motion, a little something, anything.

The abyss of not knowing is driving me insane. I just want our life to begin! Until then, we do drive-bys (with the tinted windows rolled up) about once a month to remind me why we are doing this. So, I leave you with this....... A picture of our hopefully-ours-home.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm back!

Oh happy day! I finally downloaded the Blogger app so I can actually blog again!

Our powercord broke a few months ago for our laptop and trying to blog from my phone on the full site was next to impossible but now I'm mobile! Yay!

I work in a few minutes but just wanted to say you shall be expecting much much more from me!