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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home... Blah blah blah. I'm so in love!

What a fun season in life right now.

So many friends, more facebook friends than real life friends (I'm working on that), are having babies and buying houses. It seems the weddings are slowing down right now and the next chapters of life are starting.

This is so much fun for me because, well, I can relate to this stage of life better. I'm not engaged, planning a wedding, going on honeymoon's or any of that stuff so I had a hard time feeling overly excited when my friends were in that phase. I was of course happy for them and excited to be a part of that magical day but I didn't have the same emotions as I do now.

Now I just am over the moon when I see friends posting pictures of their homes, yards and gardens. I get giddy over it all. I can relate. I can swap stories and get inspiration. It's like this super cool club that I feel like I joined.

Don't even get me started on the babies. Baby stories will instantly give me goosey bumps and make tears prickle my eyeballs. THAT is some serious awesomeness! I love babies and baby stuff.

I can't wait for that moment where I can share the news that we are expecting (not to worry, it's not anytime soon).

But for now I will revel in the house love and to show ya what I mean...
 I pulled a Martha and put caulking on the back of our rugs to make them stop sliding EVERYWHERE..... Don't waste your caulk. Barely works.... Maybe I will try again with more of a silicone version. I think my floors are just too dirty. Heeheheehe....

 Our yard has been mowed, the house sprayed for spiders and bugs and the sticker bushes are almost completely gone!! The area in front of those trees was just full of sticker bushes and now its open and there is even a few small trees growing... I'm looking forward to seeing what they are and to putting a sweet little chair swing up in that tree!
We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few small things and walked out with these chairs. I have been in love with them for years and we were originally going to get the raw wood ones to stain or paint but we decided this was a faster cheaper alternative and they look great! Love the pop of color it adds to the front porch. I'm working on a really sweet table idea for in between.
Gotta show some love to our massive driveway.  I swept and edge the whole thing the other day and what a pain in the butt! A ton of leaves were so run over I swear I thought they would be imprinted into the asphalt but we got it pretty. I'm hoping next summer to put a new blacktop on just to freshen it up.
When we bought the house it came with a huge black mailbox with peeling stickers of the last owner's name and it was faded and rusting. I had grand dreams of a gorgeous mailbox with our house address and our name in some awesome decal font. I was vetoed on putting our name on the box and I was vetoed on the decal idea. Finally after 3 months of this mailbox sitting on our coffee table with paint pens Cor finally painted the numbers on with that sweet little detail on the back. I kinda like that only we see it. It's growing on me.
 Hard to tell but the numbers are outlined in lime green with a little bit of orange highlighting.

Lots of little projects getting done and adding up to a home we love.   Can't wait to share more projects and a super fun baby party we are throwing in a few weeks!!