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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

50 things I want to do before I die, continued!

I've left that piece of notebook paper on my coffee table for the past 2 weeks now. I like to think of it as a type of encouragement.  A way to keep myself on track and remind myself of the things in life that are important to ME!

Not what is important to the man I am with at the time or to my family, or the people I surround myself but what I have wanted for myself.

I have decided that there is a bit on the list that needs to be scratched. A type of editing down to the bare essentials of what would make me happiest.  I do believe I shall put it into four categories; things accomplished, things that WILL be accomplished no matter what, things that would be cool if it happened but I won't waste precious time on, and things that just don't matter anymore.

Things accomplished:
3 & 4. Go to college and Culinary arts- accomplished and graduated!! Do need to go back for a degree      program though!
13. Be content with finances- well, I'm content and I feel confident in my financial choices, always can use more though!!
15. Be the best mom- My puppies think so!!!!!
17. Have two bunnies- I did, they were Ariel and Hunter, both died of poisoning. I think I should stay clear!
40. Be supportive of friends and family- I like to think that no matter how much time passes, any friends or family can come to me for anything and I will do whatever is in my power to help.
42. Learn more about marketing- always striving to learn more about this. Its a process and I'm sure I will always be learning.
48. Get my art into a show- I was in a High School art show if that counts!!!!

Things that will be accomplished:
3. Go to college- on the first list but I do still need that degree!!
7. Marry the love of my life- One day it will happen and it will be extraordinary!
9. Travel to Australia- Since I was a little girl I have wanted this.... It will happen!
10. Backpack Europe- Ditto to above!
11. Own my own business- this is another constant in my life. I am always thinking about how to make it work. I WILL make it work and will be a success.
15. Be the best mom- Well, DUH!
25. Own a cabin- Nothing in this world is more perfect than a secluded place to call your own.
26. Own a snowmobile- You can't own a cabin without one!
45. Build my own 4x4- It will be a challenge and it Will be tough and stressful but how amazing would it be to kick some boy ass in something I made? I can't wait.
50. Blow Glass- Just once. It can be a class but I just need to do this in my life. Its so fascinating and I can sit and watch it for hours on end.

Things that would be cool if it happened:
1. Travel to the four corners of the US
8. Name my first boy Bearett Keith- ya, probably not gonna fly with whoever the dad may be! lol.
14. Visit Amsterdam- Would have been cool in the early 20's but now just not a priority
16. Play with bears- How freaking cool would this be? But they would have to be trained and so that limits where and when and how I would get to accomplish this.
18. Own a Mastiff- Would be cool but they are so large and slobbery and just maybe better to know people that own them!
21. Visit Alcatraz- it has always fascinated me. The whole jail system fascinates me.
22. Become famous- I think everyone would be cool if this happened to them, as long as it was for something bad ass and not for something like being caught on camera with Montezuma revenge.
23. Name my girl Belle- this was way before the Twilight phenomenon and I still would love it but I won't push it.
24. Swim with dolphins- DUH!!! How cool
27. Become a great snowboarder- I'm cool with just becoming a decent one!!
28. Learn to surf- Maybe my little brother will teach me! But I have horrible balance and I think that may be a  prerequisite.
30. Drag race- hmmmmm... Can I just be in the car?
32. Enter a 4x4 competition- They are slowly disappearing but if I'm not too old by the time I build mine this would be sooo cool
39. Go to Superbowl- Would be absolutely amazing to be a part of. If it is ever financially doable and if the Seahawks or Chargers are in that I will be there!
41. Visit Civil War landmarks- Another thing that has always fascinated me. I love learning about the history of our country. So much of it was meant to be so pure but was really just corrupt.
47. Write children books-  I remember so many of the books I read when I was little. It seems it makes an impact on children and I would love to be able to be a part of that.

 Things that just don't matter any more:
2. Ride custom trike cross-country- Sounds really uncomfortable
5. Go to beauty school- I just think it would be cool to know but I'm not about to spend money on it
6. Become a kindergarten teacher- My whole life I want this. I still will always want it but its not my passion
12. Have a huge family- I'm down with a single child now. I always wanted lots but one is where its at.
19. Own 2 mini dogs- what the hell was I thinking? I don't remember a time I ever wanted this!
20. Go to jail/prison for 24-48 hours- ya..... I'll pass!
29. Learn to fly a helicopter- I have played with simulators and I think me and piloting is a recipe for death
31. Do motor cross- I'll hurt myself and that doesn't sound fun, like at all!
33. Go to Margaritaville, Florida- I think I was running out of things I wanted to do. This is a weird thing. lol
34. Own a beach house in California- Can we say $$$$$$ and taxes galore?!!! No thanks!
35. Own a NY loft- please see above!
36. See the 7 wonders of the world- OVERRATED!! If given the chance for free than sure but really doesn't sound too awesome anymore.
37. Have a daycare- Can we say Headache? I don't think I have the patience for that
38. Visit Wisconsin- I just really wanted some cheese when I did this I think!
43. Not be scared of Water skiing- Its scary. You go fast behind a big machine and it just isn't right.
44. Have Jesse James build me something- Jesse James lost my endorsement after he screwed Sandra over!
46. Design clothes- Fun to doodle but I would never want to do it all the way
49. Forge steel- Do they still do this even? I mean it would be bad ass to forge my own chef knife I guess.

While breaking this down into categories I realized that I should probably just make a fresh list. There is so much more in life that I want. Something to think about I suppose.

I hope you had fun reading this silly little post. There is so much heaviness weighing on me right now that it was nice to break away into a frivolous post about silly things.  I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday and throw a little silly in there somewhere to shake off the serious!