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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Initial here, sign there

Yesterday morning we started the day out with a lot of thinking.

Numbers and fine print were on the agenda.

We went and met with our awesome lender, Robin Gentry at Mortgage Advisory Group, and submitted or last few statements and paystubs. We signed a whole bunch of papers and got the ball rolling for the USDA loan that we are utilizing.

The rates right now are insanely low (3.75% anyone?) and we are hoping we can lock-in within the next few weeks!

So now we have our closing date of no later than September 14th and we are just waiting on a few repairs to be made this week so the appraisal can go through.

We are really hoping that it is appraised a little higher than purchase for some instant equity. The goal is to be able to roll about 3k of our closing into the loan so we have some cash to do some of the immediate fix-its from the inspection. We are only able to do that if we are appraised higher. So fingers crossed!

We also got the chance to drive up to the house and do a walk through. Make sure we are still interested and see if we have any new questions. We met our agent, Ginger York from Keller Williams, as well as the listing agent there to sign the final addendum.

As we did I found a very large discrepancy in our closing costs of about $1700! So happy I found it and so nice to see that off the balance!

As we wandered the house we realized a few things that we never noticed before and were reminded of a few glaring things as well.

The sellers are no longer living there and have a bit of stuff moved out so we really got a better feel for the size of the house and I was so pleasantly surprised! It's much bigger and taller than I remember!

We also realized, now that crap isn't everywhere, that every room has different carpet. The living room is yellow, dining room is hardwood, kitchen is vinyl, family room is berber biege, hallway is yellowish, guest rooms used to be white/gray, master is a different tone of biege/white, master closet is pink, and the step into the garden tub is pink carpet too!

We also have every room except the master painted a different color. And some are multi-colored! Paint funds will be extreme! I will be taking donations/helping hands for that project!

Other than all the fun cosmetic projects, I went through our inspection sheets and feel pretty confident about getting our home homey and livable by the holidays!

Until the next bump in the road, I leave you with paperwork!