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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big steps

Cory and I are taking the steps to purchasing our first home together!!

We are actively searching for a place where our puppies can wrestle and play, a place where we can be comfortable and cozy and most importantly.... I place where we can bring in a new addition. We, well I, are very excited to get to that step along the way! The faster we get a home the sooner we can start baby making!!! YAY!!

But we are not letting that cloud our judgment, just using it to make proper decisions about the property we purchase.

I am thrilled about this step we are taking.  It has opened new avenues for conversation between us. It has helped us learn about each others future goals and dreams. It has helped us learn to communicate aspects that are truly important to us individually and, in turn, when and how to compromise.

So far we have found a few homes we loved. We even went to put an offer on one but unfortunately we were out bid by thousands. Twenty thousand to be exact. We are being practical and staying in a budget that is comfortable on one income. We are also not getting too attached to any properties. We understand how quickly we can be outbid with our price point and we have faith that the right one will come to us at the right time. For now just keep sending us those positive vibes!!

Until then, we shall keep saving and keep looking.