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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wheeler and his sleep.....

My dog is a spoiled doggy. He gets to do whatever he damn pleases because, well, he is so darn cute!
He gets fed his regular dog food in the morning and normally doesn't touch it until we get home. He scarfs that down and then gets a second bowl of dog food with a steak, chicken breast or a slice of pizza. Basically we cook for three around these parts.

Like I said, the dog is spoiled.

He is also entirely too lazy. I was cleaning out my phone and found so many pictures of him sleeping I figured I would share with you all! Here is part one of who-knows-how-many-parts-of-my-lazy-spoiled-dog's cute mug!
Wheeler being the lead in the begging pack!
Sleeping on the couch with the boy's legs wrapped around him
Laying in the corner at the vet, trying to avoid the tech!
He loves the heater... like, loves it!
Every morning this is what he does when we get out of bed.
Yes, he was sleeping like this for about 2 hours.
He then decided my face would be much more comfortable.
Aren't puppies supposed to be energetic???
This is how my dog plays with his toys. Yep.
Dreaming about those darn flies he loves to chase.
He has decided he doesn't need an invitation to be on the couch anymore.
Snuggled up in the blankie.
Really wanting to close those big brown eyes!

I'll leave you with that overdose of adorable! Much more of where these came from in the future!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Getting soo very excited for the Steel Panther show on Halloween at the Showbox Market!! Always an amazing show and this one should be even crazier with it being on one of my favorite days of all days!! Now for me to find an outfit to wear!!

Here is a few peaks of what I wore to the show a month or so ago.....
Rocked it with my cut off fishnets and of course my 6" patent black studded stillettos!

Now I just gotta find some more '80s gear in the depths of my closet........

Pumpkin patch!

Last week I went to Foster Farm's Produce up in Arlington to spend the morning with my adorable two little nieces, my lovely sis-in-law Stephanie and my brother Brandon.
Kayla is hitting the 4 foot mark here while her sister.....
                                             Kai Lil' is getting sooo close to the 3 foot mark!

We are still working on Kai being comfortable around me. Each time I visit she seems to like me a bit more. I found that if you bring presents she is much more likely to like you! Smart lady that one!

Brandon, Kai and Kayla had a bit of fun as farm animals!

It was still too early for the sweet little piggies to be up and playing. The Chicken was smart in keeping her feet warm on their backs though!

They had a small little hay maze for $1 per person that ended up making me and Steph sweat. I think we were so early in getting there that they hadn't gone around and cleaned up since their Saturday rush. The hay stacks were all falling over and blocking the paths so Brandon watched on while we struggled to pave out a path for the lovely little damsels.

Kayla decided that she was going to "Just Go Nuts"

After our romp thru the hay and peak at the animals we went on down to the Charlie Brown pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins.  Somehow the pictures I have of the ladies and their loot has vanished from my phone! The girls had fun though with Auntie TT  (me) pushing Kai in the wheel barrel and Kayla leading the way where she found the pumpkin slingshot stand!!
Kayla came the closest to hitting her ghost! Only a few feet away!

After all of us doing the slingshot and picking our pumpkins it was time to conquer the corn maze!! I have done a million of these things and every time I get frustrated and just start running thru the corn in one direction to find my way out. We had Kayla as our navigator and I thought it would be hours until we found our way out! We had to find 11 'clues' that they had posted all thru the maze and mark it down on our sheet, which didn't help my thoughts on our outcome!  
Kai was stylin' with my fabulous pumpkin beanie made by Marin!

Kai and her proud papa!! My bro makes good looking kids!

With Kayla paving the way we actually did pretty good! I think we made it out within an hour and found every clue! We started to get a few tantrums so we got smart and started breaking up to run down dead ends and find the last clues! it worked out perfectly!

The little cheeseballs on the hay ride with auntie tt!

After the maze, me and the girls hopped on the tractor for a quick spin around the farm. Kai loved every second of it and Kayla was the perfect big sister making sure Kai was safe! Afterwards we all headed out to a quick lunch before Bran had work and I had to go meet the boy for some shooting out in the woods!! All in all a fabulous day and made that much sweeter since Kai let me love on her!! 

Oh and be sure to check out the link in the post below this for the video of the amazing goat that was there!!

Black Jack the goat at Foster's Produce

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want this! i've seen it at world market and greenhouse up in bellingham. i'm so in love with this 15 dollar teapot that it has been my wallpaper on my phone for the past 3 months. its absolutely adorable!

I love that it is detailed and yet so clean and simple with the white. you all are more than welcome to go buy this as a present for me! hehehe

For now, i'll just continue staring at it via the tiny image on my phone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So i have been working on my plating presentations at school lately.

I made breakfast the other day and when i looked down at my plate this is what i saw...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tonight... my dear friend ashley kent became ashley holzer. a gorgeous couple on their gorgeous day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is an ad inside one of the biker magazines at work... it's a crush resistant contianer for all those banana loving bikers. they are currently working on a chrome-billett version as well! tell me what you think it looks like!

Marin Made Love

Well.... I just wrote an amazing review for my amazing friend marin and then my computer went all batty on me. So instead you get this awesome post about how awesome my friends is and how you should check out her unbelievable products!

The cutest baby hat!.... Which will go on this baby head....
Wyatt! Here he is wearing his MarinMade earflap hat! 9 months later and it's still his fave!

My awesome PUMPKIN hat!

I LOVE my Newsboy hat!

Adore my red Flower headband!
My black one too!

No pictures of my adorable bow headbands! I have purple, orange, and a seahawks color bows!

I have more Marin Made items than I can count and have gifted many as well and all to rave reviews.  All year long I have family and friends begging me to get them something from Marin's site. Whether it's her adorable button push-pins she aptly named 'Sprinkles' or her cute little tiny baby flower lace headbands and matching flower onesies.

Her products all come out gorgeous, soft, and so comfortable. She can custom fit things to whatever size you need from baby to big ol' jock heads! :)  There is something in there for everyone and if you think you would love a variation on something, just ask! the girl is amazing at making whatever creation you can think of!

Be sure to check out her shop  as well as her facebook fan page!