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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ah... LOVE!

As most of you know, I carpool to work with my BF. We live together. We drive to work together, have lunch together, drive home together, brush our teeth together. We are always together. I normally find this to be very stifling. I can't stand always being around the same person for too long. I get cranky and impatient and bitchy. It's similar to having cabin-fever for me. But I never feel this way with BF. I get cranky and frusterated and anxious quite a bit, but never due to being around him too long. It's normally because I need to eat or get out of the house or bake something. No one understands how we can do it. Well this is how:
  • We don't talk much at work.
  • We don't talk on the way to work.
  • We eat our lunch together and will have a smoke break once or twice during the day.
  • We laugh and chit chat on the way home
  • I cook dinner while he relaxes or vice-a-versa
  • I normally go upstairs about an hour earlier than him to watch girly shows
  • Oh yeah... and I am completely in love with him.

I realized I had found a new level to how much I love him yesterday.

We carpooled to work yesterday but, unfortunately for me, he had a meeting after work and so we ended up having to stay for an extra hour and a half.

Normally I would be pissed! The last thing I want to do on my 'Monday' is to have to stay at work until almost 8pm without getting paid! I happened to have my book with me so it wasn't too horrible.

I was sitting on a barstool back in the Parts area while all the parts guys were in their meeting over in the 'lounge' area. I could hear some of what they were talking about but really only their voices and not what they were actually saying.

So, here I am trying to read but I can't seem to focus! I can hear whenever my BF laughs or makes a comment on something and it was completely distracting!

I can't hear anything that is actually being discussed but I can hear him. I can hear his different inflictions and tones. I can mentally see his smile or his scowl.

This is how we do it. Because I adore the kid and can't seem to be pissed at him for very long.

I freakin' love this guy! I just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.

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