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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A dream.... THANK GOD!

So the other night I had a wicked dream. I think it was my first nightmare in a very very very long time. So let me set you up for it. The other day, Monday I think, BF and I were running errands all day long. We went to Monroe to say hello to his mom and pick up his bday present (a outside fire pit!), we stopped at this crazy gun/fishing shop and got a hip holster-case thingy for his new gun, had lunch, went to the pet store for Wheeler's new collar, Just did a ton of running around in general. We got home late and I went upstairs to fold laundry. I found his "hiding" place for his guns and immediately thought it was a silly stupid spot and too out in the open. So I decided to move them and hide them better. I climbed into bed and never told BF that I moved them, therefore if he needed them he wouldn't be able to find them. Silly me. So I fall asleep and expect to have pleasant dreams of My Little Pony flying around on green hills.... WRONG!! Here is how the dream goes as best as I can remember it
  • BF and I are sleeping in our bed when I wake up to a strange, quite noise. I sit still and listen to see if I can hear anything. Nothing. I try to fall back asleep only to hear it again. So I lay there completely still and trying not to breathe.
  • I hear it again and this time I can hear two guys talking, barely above a whisper. I hear them get into the house very sneakily. I tried to wake BF up but he isn't cooperating so I just lay there stone still debating what to do.
  • I slide out of bed and grab the two guns I hid earlier in the night.
  • I knew if I didn't grab them right then we might not have a chance later and BF didn't know where I moved them.
  • I debate if I have time to get clothes on. I decide I don't.
  • I crawl back into bed and continue trying to wake up BF. For whatever reason the guys downstairs are taking their sweet time and I can hear they aren't actually taking anything... it's more like they are searching for something. BF finally wakes up and I hand him the guns and tell him what's going on.
  • He tells me to stay in the bed and try to hide under the covers. So I do. I mound the comforter over me and try not to move a muscle.
  • I hear him go downstairs and confront the two guys and then there is a huge commotion.
  • Suddenly a third guy ran behind BF and hit him over the head.
  • I can hear them coming for me. I slide off the bed and hide on the floor until I feel the blankets being ripped off me. It's a huge blur as the men are beating me and pulling me in every direction. I can feel my teeth being knocked out. I can smell the rusty smell of my own bloody being forced out of my body. I can taste the acrid taste.
  • I end up laying next to BF as the men are tying us up. They leave us there bloody and tied while they go to search for whatever they were looking for.
  • I can hear them tearing into the floor and bashing into the walls. I have no idea what they want.
  • I get myself untied and start working on BF. He is almost unconscience. One of the guys comes back into the room and sees me. He starts yelling at me and pulls me down and beats me more. I'm just praying they don't rape me or kill us.
  • I get a chance to fight him off of me and get a good kick to the gut and get to BF again.
  • The man stands up and shoots.
  • I'm sitting there crouched over in my own blood in just my panties trying to figure out if I was shot.
  • I wasn't.
  • BF was. The asshole shot him.
  • I just lay there shaking, not knowing what else to do as the third guy goes back to check on the other guys. They find whatever they wanted in the wall and half way in the floor. They destroy my house, our house.
  • Before they leave they beat me even more and leave me there to die next to BF.
  • I accept that fate and curl up next to him. I grasp his hand and lay there, too stunned to pray, too stunned to think.
  • Next thing I know I'm walking the streets of an urban city, somewhat like London and Seattle combined. I have glasses on and a scarf to cover myself and try to hide into the background of a busy world.
  • I go shopping because I ddn't know what else there was to do. I go into the most quaint book shops and coffee houses until I finally meet up with a friend who takes me home.
  • I walk into my house and it's perfect. There are no signs of a battle. No signs of a death taken without warrant. No signs of destroyed walls or bloody carpets.
  • It's the cleanest I have ever witnessed it.
  • I notice someone changed all the locks and placed wooden dowels in the windows to give me some feeling of security. I tell my friend to go home and just let me be and she does.
  • It gets dark and I go to check one of the windows with the dowels in it only to notice it's been shoved open with the dowel stuck in between the two panes of glass and the screen missing. The opening is wide enough for a full grown man to climb thru. And then my mind goes to pitch black.
I woke up form this dream in a full on panic. I had no idea what was real and what wasn't until I felt the sweetest little puppy nuzzle up against my neck and give me sweet puppy breathe kisses and felt the heat of BF's body radiating next to mine and his hand resting on my back. I felt his chest go up and down with the rythmic beat of his breathing. I knew I was safe. I cuddled closer to BF and pulled Wheeler harder against me and tried to fall asleep for the remaining hour before I had to wake up. I told BF where I moved his guns the moment we both woke up. This dream has been stuck in my head ever since. I keep popping back to it. Last night I went upstairs to put the clothes away and lay down and read. I turned on all the lights in the room, locked the window and turned the tv up louder. I just had to get it out of me so there you go. This was the most frightening dream I have had in my adult years. I hope nothing about that dream comes true except for maybe coming home to a spotless house. That would be kinda bad ass.

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