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Friday, September 18, 2009


Wowsers! It's weird... Everyday I think that I should do a post. Every single day I have something I want to say. But then I get sucked into reading all my other favorite blogs and slackin' off in general. So I suppose this will just be a blabbering post about a few things you have all missed out on. You all, meaning the two of you that follow me! hehe. So... On the 6th I had a birthday surprise for Cory. We were to go jump out of a perfectly good airplane while attached by four clips to another guy that has the parachute. It rained. It rained and rained and rained. I mean, it soaked us to the core while walking from the truck to the Buzz Inn for lunch. A good 50 foot walk. Thank you Washington rain gods for bestowing on me an opportunity to NOT jump out of a plane! Our jump was canceled and i rejoiced! Then I became very pissed off and sad that Cory wasn't going to get his birthday present on his birthday weekend. So instead, we had his mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law-almost, and my mom come join us for breakfast. Afterwards we all, minus my mom, went back to our house and played card games, watched TV and just relaxed.
And did lots of puppy snuggling! (that's a rope toy on the carpet, not a pee stain) We had a great time laughing and telling stories and NOT jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Fast forward a week. It's a Sunday and we have the Seahawks season opener game against the Rams at 1pm. We also have our jump rescheduled. Yep. I didn't get to get off the hook. Turned out to be an amazing day with perfect weather and clear blue skies! Once we got to the jump spot I wasn't as nervous as I was expecting to be. I think a lot of that had to do with Cory being so chill about it. We filled out our paperwork to sign our life away and promise not to sue if we die. I refused to read the warnings... I just initialed it all. We watched the video and went outside to practice the position for free-falling and the landing. Then they gave the order of who will jump in the first load and surprise, surprise we were on it! I had enough time to empty my bladder and suit up and nothing else. No last smoke or time to freak out.

We loaded up and were taking off before the door was even down.

It was an amazing flight with spectacular views and everyone is joking and laughing to keep their minds off jumping. Next thing I know the door was rolled up and we were sitting on the edge at about 14,500ft and going about 100mph. I was literally dangling out the plane while my partner was sitting inside. we rocked three times and then were out! I can not describe the feeling. It was spectacular. We were spinning and flipping and dancing in the sky. Just flying without a care in the world at about 130 mph. I loved every second about it. When the chute opened, I got to steer and do circles and loops and dives and stops and have a ball.

Snohomish is gorgeous from way up there... just gorgeous. We came in for our landing fast and hot and smiling. Cory was right behind me so I got to turn around and see him land too. We jumped up and gave each other a huge kiss and a big I LOVE YOU!! Fantastic! Afterwards we had lunch with Cory's parents and talked about the urge to get right back up and maybe even become certified... Oh I want it so bad! Then headed home to change and go to the Seahawk game where we won, of course! The view of the skyline was just gorgeous and a perfect end to a perfect day. All in all, it turned out to be a very exciting day. All our energy was zapped from us and we slept wonderfully while dreaming about dangling out of perfectly good airplanes.

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