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Friday, September 4, 2009

The difference between man 30 and woman 30.

So.... Today is my boo bear's birthday! He is turning 30. Thirty years old. Three decades old. No longer in the 20's but not quite in mid-life crisis phase. 3-0.
It's odd. I don't know how to feel about this.
Of course I am very happy and excited because it gives me an excuse to shower him with love and gifts. Which makes me look like a great girlfriend, right? I mean, that is the point of giving gifts. To show off how much better your are than any other past gf's gifts? No? That's just me huh? Oh well! I'm OK with that because my gifts are Stellar!!!! Anyways... back on track.
So he's turning 30. Thirty to me is when you start to settle down. Thirty to me is when you look at your life and realize you don't have too much time left before you are 40. And once you turn 40 you are at the top of the hill right? So, essentially, you need to get a lot done in your 30's.
For example, buy a house. You are now officially an adult. You can no longer milk the whole 'I'm still in my 20's and can slack off' excuse. Time to grow up. Time to do the adult thing and buy a house. And once you have a house you start nesting right? So time to get married? Have babies before the girl's fertility starts going down hill? OH SHIT!
These are the things that go thru a girls mind when she is turning 30. Oh shit... My eggs! My eggs!!!
But a guy? Oh man how I hope to hell that the only thing going thru his head as he turns 30 today is whether or not he gets free drinks at the show tonight.
I can deal with him wanting to buy a house. Go for it babe. Good move. But kids? So so so not in our future anytime soon. I still have 7 years before I hit the 30 mark and need to start using those damn eggs!
You want Kids honey? Go buy a hot rod and make it a two seater and we'll call that our baby. Just make sure I get my name and a little crown sown into my seat or a decal on my window.
I'm just thankful we are on the same page when it comes to this. I'm not concerned. We got it all figured out, or so we hope. We still got 7 years before that wretched sound of a screaming 3 month old starts to sound appealing and not appalling. We still have 7 years of spoiling each other and doing whatever we want when we want before I get bit by that nasty little baby bug.
Don't get me wrong, I love the things (babies). But only when I can give it back after 20 minutes. Just don't have that motherly instinct or patience, yet. I think it will be one of those things I never get until it's a necessity.
So for now... I'm going to enjoy my old man. He's 30 today. He's 30 and looking better than ever! He gets closer to my perfection everyday. Or my perfection keeps morphing to what and who he is. Either way, I'm content with our life together and oh so happy we don't have to deal with any of those pesky "adult" issues quite yet.
So in honor of my insanely gorgeous, sexy, wonderful, funny, perfect little ass man, Boo Bear, I would like everyone... so that's all 3 of you reading this, to have a drink for him tonight. Cheers to his mother for creating this awesome creature 30 years ago today!
Happy Birthday Boo Bear and I love you!
(now go buy me a damn hot rod!)

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