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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Well, here we are. Waiting again.

Another roadblock has been thrown our way from people slacking in the government (go figure) and I am stressed to the max.

Our apartment has been slowly packed into boxes stacked high for the last 3 months. We have only two weeks left before we have to vacate and clean the apartment. Thus meaning those boxes have been multiplying at an insane rate. All that is left to pack is our dishes, cupboards and about half of our clothes that have managed to escape the boxes.

It gets to be difficult at times to know that we need to just keep packing with out really having an end spot. We have wonderful people in our life and thankfully we have been offered a place to crash if we need to. It is going to be tough. Everything will need to go into storage.

On top of all that our poor dogs will need to go to boarding. That is if any boarding facility will take an anti-social dog and a pit mix while leaving them together at all times. I was researching a few last night and some look just like a dirty run down pound. I actually began to cry. I can't do that to our poor babies. But a friend recommended the kennel he uses for his Boston terrier and his boxer. I checked them out and it seems perfect. So that feels a little better. Now we need to get them up to date on their vaccines. 

Knowing that we now have a plan makes it a little easier to keep moving forward. I don't feel as worried about our pups and I can calmly focus on the now.

Well, as calmly as possible while wanting to ring the necks of everyone working on our file!

We have ten business days, including today, to sign the papers on this damn house. Our closing date is set for the 31st and I really don't think anyone is going to allow yet another extension. We have already gone over a month past what the original date was set to be.

We received approval from USDA about two weeks ago. We could have already been in our home. But our lender, with very good intentions, decided to cancel that approval and raise our loan amount to cover some extra property taxes. Unfortunately she did this right when the boss went on vacation for a week. So nothing got done. They haven't even touched our file yet. If we don't get approval from them by tomorrow we won't be able to close on time.

I don't know what to do or what I am even able to do.

I just keep my fingers crossed everyday.

Until next time, fingers crossed for us.

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