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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since our last chat not much has changed, except for our closing date.


And for good measure, AGAIN!!

That's right, it changed twice. We extended our closing date to October 19th and then we were requested to push it even farther to October 31st. Just in case.

Just in case what exactly?

Just in case USDA closes for a week in October to do their end of year reports.  Just in case there is a nightmare with USDA boundaries. Just in case our underwriter didn't have all their shit together.

Oh I am so ready.

This is my favorite time of the year and I am being jipped. I don't get to decorate, or bake. In fact, my house has been half-packed for over a month now!

I am missing out on a great time of year, of settling in and getting cozy. A time when we still have semi long days and sunshine to dry the paint. Time before the rains to dry our crawlspace and blow insulation into the attic. The magic Indian summer that Washington always manages to snag. We don't get to take advantage.

Although, I did sneak up to the house yesterday and place gutter splash guards at the bottom of all the gutters. In our inspection we found that there is nothing directing rainwater away from the foundation. No problems with the foundation (thank goodness!) but it does cause a water issue in the crawl space that can be remedied for $30 at home depot. I wanted to get those babies down before our first big rain so that we don't have to deal with it.

In going up to the house we did find that the previous tenants are completely moved out. They even were nice enough to do a real good thorough cleaning of the place! It even looked like the carpets were steamed. On a bad note, every door was unlocked.   I went through and locked up most of what I could, the slider doors don't seem to lock but we put sticks in the tracks.

I was so nervous on the drive up that it would be trashed and vandalized but so far so good! I just want to get in. I just want my home.

For now, we wait some more. You think I would be so much better at this waiting game now that we are 6 months in to this process!!

I leave you with the listing photos until we can get the keys and take our own:

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