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Sunday, October 7, 2012

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!

I've been blabbering about buying this damn house since April.

It has consumed my every waking thought.

I've been packing since August and planning since May.

I have paint swatches galore and notebooks full of ideas.

But it really hadn't sunk in that we were going to be homeowners. I knew we were going to be moving into a house in a new area and I knew we would get to do whatever we wanted with it.  It never actually hit me the huge responsibility we were taking on. Don't get me wrong, I am soo game for this it just never hit me with that euphoric-holy-shit-this-is-AMAZING-jumping-for-glee moment.

When we put the offer in and it was accepted we were excited but reserved. We knew we still had so many hoops to jump through and it could still possibly fall through. Then we were happy inspection wasn't devastating, but just happy. The trend continued. When the lien holder approved our amount we were thrilled and felt so ready and so excited but it was quickly dashed with all I've wrote about in the past. Since then every little victory has been met with just a small sigh of relief, nothing too exciting.

Except for yesterday.

Yesterday I had a hell of a night at work. We had one of our busiest nights in a long time and I was pooped and on the verge of being pissy. I went and checked my phone around 9pm last night and this is what I saw:
                         Lender: I wanted to let you know I did hear something from USDA on Friday:)
APPROVAL!! The loan amount was wrong (because we adjusted it to pay some of your insurance costs) so it is being reviewed and will be fine we just need their approval. We will have it sometime next week. Maybe even the following Monday due to this Monday being a holiday. But just wanted to assure you we will have everything in 5 or so business days!!!!

Let me tell ya, I freaked out!!! I started squealing and jumping up and down. I did a cute little chicken dance and then ran out to the kitchen to tell anyone who would listen! I was shaking for a good 5 minutes or so. I felt it. I got that euphoria I wanted! I can only imagine what happens when we are handed those keys!

Now I am packing with a deadline and purpose. I am slowly realizing it. WHoo to the HOOO!!!!

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