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Saturday, October 6, 2012

scary times!!!

We have until Thursday to let our apartment know our plans on continueing a month-to-month lease, vacating or re-signing. Thursday is in 5 days. FIVE!

I started to do some math in my head and I decided that if we went month to month and paid for the month of November we would be throwing away about $95o if we only stayed for a week into the month.  It would cost us $1288 for the whole month of Novemeber, plus utilities and all that jazz.

I talked to Cory and decided we should just terminate the lease and give them our intent to vacate. I would prefer to spend that money on things we need. He, like a smart and rational man, didn't think it was the best idea seeing as how this whole process has gone so far. I, being the impatient and frusterated woman that I am, decided to veto him. I am telling this apartment to go stuff it!

I figure if need be we can crash somewhere for a week or two or we can sleep in a U-haul. I've been known to make those pretty cozy.

Cory wasn't too thrilled so I called our lender and asked her how confident she was in us closing before our closing date. (our lease is up on Oct. 31st and our closing date is Oct. 31st) She, thankfully said that she thinks our closing will start in the next week and that is should only be about 2 more until we get the actual keys. Leaving us with a week to move!!! YAY!!!

She said she was 95% sure we should be fine and that terminating will be a good idea. Now let me remind you that she also told us she was 97% sure that we would be fine back in July and then a few hours later called to say the deal was dead. We are not getting too excited but I'm still forging ahead with packing and letting the apartments know we will be bailing out at the end of the month!!

I can possibly be in my new home with paint in my hair in just a few short weeks!  It doesn't even feel real. I feel like I was meant to sit in limbo forever. I think it will all be so surreal when we actually walk in there as owners.

So thank you all for keeping those good vibes going for us!!


  1. You might check into the cost of a residential hotel for any nights that you're not in your own bed, i.e., those chains that cater to the business crowd that's being relocated. Sometimes their per night stay is cheaper than a mediocre motel, of course, you have to guarantee that you're staying for a week or so. Failing that, you know where we are - it would just be the doggies that present a problem.

  2. Thank you Karen!! You guys are the best! We actually got some good news so hopefully it won't be an issue at all!