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Thursday, February 21, 2013


We are at the end of February and we have been in our home for almost 4 months now. It has been amazing.

I had a bit of post-house-buying depression when I realized we had no other plan or schedule made. I had nothing solid to look forward to. That was a very hard adjustment for me.

Now, I have so many wants and plans and needs for our home but I recognize that it will take time. We will be in this home for many years, if not forever, and we have no rush.

In those four months we have ripped up the flooring in our Living room, laundry room and Master closet. We have painted the kitchen, dining, living, family room and hallways. We have laid new flooring in the living room. Hung curtains and blinds on most windows. Accumulated enough furniture to fill the whole house including two king beds and a queen.  We bought a new mailbox that Cory has plans to customize with our name and house number.

We have had multiple over night guests and enjoyed every minute of playing host to family and friends. We have tried the 2 restaurants in town and the one bar.  We have celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my dad's birthday, my birthday and Valentine's day.

We feel home. We feel cozy and excited for the rest of life we will get to live here in our own little chunk of the world.

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