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Friday, August 6, 2010

Brief, my ass.

Warning..... I started this post back at the start of March. Since then I have 3 more posts that haven't made it in to the blog. I really enjoyed re-reading this one and think I need to share it with you all! So here is a glimpse into my mind on March 4th 2010....

I have started three posts since my last post. None of those three have made it to the 'Publish Post' button. Part of this is because I quit half way thru whatever I was writing and part of it was that I just wasn't 'feeling' it.

Life has been pretty sweet and pretty standard. I don't really feel like much has happened that is blog-worthy. But, you don't read this for award winning stories do you? You read this to get to know me and my daily hoopla. So, with that in mind I will overview with you my life in the past 3 weeks!

I DID make those sweet little Valentine's for my church family and they were devoured! I, sadly, did not get to try the fresh raspberry cupcakes with almond ganache and fresh raspberries for garnish.  I hear they were absolutely delicious though! I did get to try the red velvet whoopie pies and the birthday cake cookie sandwiches! Oh I love cherry chip cake mix!

Our Valentine's was pretty laid back. I went to church and BF slept in. When I got home we tried to go to the Buzz Inn for lunch and it was so bad we actually walked out after 3 bites. That put a damper on the mood and we just laid in bed and watched Weeds for a few hours. For dinner we went to Rory's in Edmonds for dinner with his parents and it was a blast!  We tried to go out to a movie afterwards and that was a no-chance-in-hell! The line was so long!!!

The rest of the week was busy as usual with school and work... work and school. Than that Saturday it was party time!!!

I had my bday party at the Cactus Moon Saloon, which is kinda like my family bar. It was so much fun! I rocked it with my huge patent leather stillettos and my acid wash grey skinny jeans with zippers up the sides!

Man, I love the '80's!!!

I had so many great friends come out, it was amazing! Stephanie C. from high school made a guest appearance, which was awesome and so so so sweet of her!  I had Josh J. show up and hang out with strangers the entire night! Marin and Mike graced us with their awesomeness, even though my poor Marin was sick! Almost all my Cylce Barn friends came and said hi, same with my Mosaic family. It was a very special night for me to have everyone there mingling together and meeting BF.

I even made a special 'Penis' table to fit everyone at and it was a HIT! 

I don't remember too much for the remainder of the evening but I know it was a good time had by all!

The next morning I had to dig myself out of bed and climb in the truck because we were off to Ellensburg to get me a JEEP!

Once we got there, we relaxed and shot guns and ate some food and then hit the sack early to be able to get our booties on the road the next day. It was a lonely drive down a twisty pass with just me and my dog and the world ahead of us..... Sorry just had to do it!

The Jeep ran great and got decent gas mileage. I got home safe and sound and spent the rest of the day polishing up the inside so it would be all purdy for me.  

The rest of the week was business as usual, except I missed BF so much it was crazy!

We drove seperately to work, then I left to go to school and by the time I got home he was in bed! I felt like I hadn't even seen or talked to him in days! He tries to wait up for me now so that I can say hi and tell him about my day. Starting this month we will have seperate days off and I'm gonna miss the shit outta that boy!  I know it will be 'good for us' but I don't see how what we were doing before was 'bad' for us?!  Our love will just get stronger I suppose.

This past weekend I went and spent some very much needed time with my Grandma and my Grandpa Randy. I love visiting them one on one. I think the relationships with your parents and grandparents just get better with every passing year.

I remember when visiting my grandma meant trips to IGA and velvet fill-in-the-lines posters and trips to the Bellis Sqaure Mall for gravy-covered french fries. I remember when it meant days worth of Costco croissants and Squirt sodas. Trips to grandma's meant  laying in front of the tv watching Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing and trying to act out the 'lifts' from DD.  It meant eating cashews and beef jerky until you think you might die and trips to Costco for large quantities of food that you never think you can eat. It meant time with my girl cousins and matching outfits. Visiting grandma was always a weekend long trip and always included Laura and KJ or at least one of them.

Now that some time has passed by it is a totally different story. I'm pretty sure I dropped a f-bomb or two and I know for a fact I said shit more than 3 times. Our language isn't the only thing to change though. The topics become more interesting and you get to see actual glimpses into the minds of the people that helped shape who you are today.

When you are young, politics and religion tend to be sheilded from you. At least the truth of them do. Sure you know who the president is and if your parents like them or not. You know the white house dog or cat and you know the story of Jonah and the big whale/fish thing. You know the basics and the safe stories. But when you get older you get to know the truth behind those. You get to use your mind and determine for your self what you think and believe.

Ever since I turned about 18 or so I look forward to one on one visits with my grandma. I don't have to hide anything from her anymore and she doesn't need to shelter me anymore. We can argue about our points of view on subjects of all kinds and we can learn new things from each other. It was such a wonderful visit and I really wish I didn't have to leave to cook dinner for the boys back at home!

But I have boys to take care of and so I headed home and cooked a delicious salmon dinner with garlic-dill mashed potatoes and it was yummy! Monday night we had the most fabulous pork carnitas ever! BF gave me my first ever '10' rating and roomie gave me  a '12'. It is now our Monday night dinner from now until forever!

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