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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frustration mounts.....

Oh man, does it mount!  

So many things right now that are adding to the high possibility of myself having a heart attack before the age of 25! One of which happens to be this damn blog layout! I have tried everything to take that damn 'shabby blog' button off my posts and to go back to a simple layout. But NOOOOOOOOO!!! The damn thing is stuck the way it is and it grates on me horribly.

Nothing about the layout of this blog is comforting to me. Or clean. Or makes me want to spend time trying to browse through it all. So I know it can't be that wonderful for you guys! It needs an overhaul!

Besides the layout of the darn Shabby Blogs blog,  I am also dealing with a few other stresses these days.

The most of which being about money.

Money, money, money baby!

Isn't that what it always seems to be about? Does that ever end?   ;p  

Between all the fun new things that seem to be creeping up on my credit from out of nowhere and the schooling I choose to do, I'm in a tough spot!  I am very grateful of the fact that I am in school at least, and that I do have pretty decent moral support behind me. That helps me remember it's not all over. I still have someone to help feed me if I need it!

I am about $9,000 in the hole right now, not including school. I have about $5,000 of that being settled down to a little under $3,000 at monthly payments of $250 for the next 12 months. Ouch! But it will take a huge chunk of debt off my shoulders. All of the other debt is being disputed and fought. Only time will tell that outcome.  My credit score is not as disastrous as I expected though!

I need to remember through all of this that, yes, it is easy to blame it on past people in my life but it is still my responsibility. Yes, it sucks that a tiny miscommunication between two people can result in one person being hit with a debt of $2,500 out of nowhere and to now be garnished for it, but it's a fact of life I suppose. It teaches you to be more aware and in control of your own financial destiny.

Now that I am getting older, I am actually looking forward to owning a home with the man I love. I'm looking forward to, in the future, having babies and being able to buy them what they need when they need it. I'm looking forward to being able to feel comfortable with going to the grocery store and not pinching pennies too tightly. I'm very much looking forward to driving a car that I don't need to have loaded with 2 liters of water and a 5 gallon jug of oil in the back 'just in case'. Oh, how I ever look forward to that!

And it will happen! I promise you and me that. It will happen to me. Do you want to know why??
Because i see it, I want it, and I am prepared to struggle for it.

In all things of life, that right there is what you need to understand.  if there is something you want different in your life, all you have to do is start seeing it differently. Stop seeing everything as obstacles people!  Everything can be an opportunity for growth. You just have to actually be ready for it.

now that I updated you all on the biggest thing that is sitting in my heart and mind, I got lots more good news to come!!! I have 4 weddings in the next 2 months! I have my family picnic, Cory's birthday, and my favorite time of the year coming up!   keep checking back for updates on the craziness to come!

~ much love!

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