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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions, take one

I am about 6 days late for this post... What can I say?

I really didn't want to have to post anything about what I want to better in my life because then I actually have to make an effort at making it better. You know?

Like, don't talk about it; be about it?

So, I was going to start this off very lightly. Kinda a watered down version of what I am wanting to make better. But what the heck is the point of that???

My first confession is that I am in debt.

My debt isn't fun debt either.

It's not because I have credit cards to buy fancy clothes or dinners.

It's not because I have a nice car with some cool wheels and stereo.

It's not because I take awesome vacations or have a wii or an ipod or go tanning every damn day.

NOPE! Not this ladies debt!  

My debt is boring debt. I am in debt because I was more interested in giving prior boyfriends and myself a good life. I was more interested in making sure our rent was paid, the water was paid, some food in the cupboards and his payments made when he was unemployed.

Instead of budgeting wisely, like I do when I am single, I would use whatever money I had to make the men around me more comfortable and happy. So the debt I carry now is from not making those payments on a $400 doctor bill, not paying the $60 on a power bill, not making the payments on a loan that I stupidly took out at 19 "just because I was pre-approve". 

My debt is the result of poor planning. My credit score is a reflection of that. I also move a lot. When you move a lot, you don't receive statements and at 20 years old,  things that are out of sight tend to be out of mind. I have been working hard on my credit for the past 2 years. I have been so close to getting things cleared up and then right when I start to see light on the other side something creeps up that I had no clue about.

I'm in a flare up at this moment.  I received a call at my work about a garnishment that would be against me. i had no clue what the heck this could be about and so I check my credit. BOOM!

I had just checked my credit report about 6 months ago and it was no where near where it is now. Things that I thought were taken care of are back with a vengeance. Things that I was promised would not be my debt are now negatively affecting me. For THOUSANDS of dollars. These are no longer measly little things that made it to collections because I wasn't paying attention. These are things that are affecting me because of miscommunication, because of "lost faxes", because the creditors have lost paperwork.

My goal is a long-term goal. I am planning on having every cent of debt, except for my school debt, cleared up in the next 11 months.

I see no reason that I can not do this. My life may be boring for a year but that is OK. It's worth it.

I want to be married and with children in the next 7 years and me clearing my debt will allow that to happen. It will place me in a better position to be able to move forward with my life. I will be able to start saving for my retirement and my children. I will be in a better position for buying a house when that time comes. I will be able to feel more confident about myself.

That is why I am doing this. I need to have the confidence back that I deserve with my finances.

It will be a long year and a tough journey but I'm sure I'll learn a few good tricks up my sleeve as I go.


  1. good for you love. If you need any help with bugeting or whatever, lemme know :)

  2. Hi Tiara,

    Thanks for following my blog!

    I think this is a fantastic choice you are making and a life lesson that everyone would benefit from learning, but sadly not one that everyone does learn. By the end of the year, you will be worlds away from the debt you are in now, and feel so much better about it and yourself. It is always difficult to go against the grain and step away from the rat race, so good luck and stay strong! I can’t wait to check back and see how you’re doing – keep us posted!