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Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Year Blogiversary!!

Yesterday was the official day.... ONE YEAR of half-ass blogging.

I found a few new blogs that have inspired me so much in the past few days. The only problem is that I couldn't stop reading them.
I read all the way back to when they started the damn blogs! Some of those were in 2006 some in 2007 all of them posted at least weekly.
That's a lot of blog reading! Which, in turn, means less writing on my blog!!

The past year has brought so many little changes I don't even know where to start and in reality they may bore you with how minute they are. I have done posts on where I was a year ago a few times on here. Since those posts not much major has happened though...

I am still at Eastside Harley and still love it here.

I am still in school until December.

My and the monkey man still love each other more and more each day.

We still live in the same great house with our Roommate, JJ, and our pup pup, Wheeler.

We still have Seahawk Season tickets and we still have too much crap!.

All in all, Ii don't feel like much has happened in the past year. I know it has. I know we have changed individually and as a couple. I know my faith in myself and us and God has gone through every hill and valley it can go through.

But in the end, it's all the same.

I don't know how to feel about that in all honesty.

I'm so used to constant change. I'm used to moving every year. I'm used to getting a new job every year or every other year.  I'm used to breaking up and getting back together multiple times. I'm used to turmoil.

I just realized that now I need to make my change positive. It doesn't need to be life shattering change.

I can switch up my gym routine. I can re-arrange the house. I can start painting for the house. I can start cooking more with my own versions and start trusting myself more. I can start going for walks. I can start turning off the TV and turning on the music more.

Have I ever told you how much I hate the TV?   I would love to not have one in the house. I would love to save that $100.00 a month and to just have music always on. I would love to dance more. I would love to talk more.  I would love to just have silence more!

Do you ever think about that?

If you get rid of the TV it forces your butt to get moving. Leave the house. Do something...


I'm going to look at this one year anniversary as a "New Year"...
Time for some resolutions!!

Every week I am going to do a confession type of post. I'm going to let you know one thing that I really want to change in myself to make my life run a little smoother.  I have a few ideas in mind but I am going to need you guys to keep me accountable for these little goals. I'll be posting my first one tomorrow!!

Oh and by the way..... My brother is getting married on Saturday!!!

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