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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time provides change

What an amazing week it has been. My first week working full time, well 5 days equals 25 hours, was  amazing. So many things were accomplished that have been put on back burners. I started my bathroom project of scraping the ceiling and painting. I continued ripping down all my sticker bushes in the front yard. But most importantly I spent time with my family.

Every morning I tried to send Cor off with a hot breakfast and a packed lunch. Every night we had dinner together at a reasonable time. We caught a movie on Wednesday. Rented a movie at 6pm on a Saturday. That is unheard of. 3 years of me working nights and weekends and now we get time together. It's amazing.

Our house is clean and I'm not coming home at midnight all pissy because its a mess, mostly my fault every time anyways. I'm not rushing to do a load of laundry so my chef pants are clean every night. We just don't feel rushed. It's wonderful. I can't even begin to explain it. Even my dogs are more settled than before. Jazmina has become the expert cuddler with me and I have never seen her do that. Although Cor tells me she does it every night with him normally. Well now Momma is home!!

Yesterday I was able to take a day adventure up to Steven's Pass with my brother, sister and two nieces. I didn't have to hesitate when they asked me if I wanted to come. I knew I could. On the drive home I started to feel antsy and I looked at the clock. It was 3:40pm. My body felt like I needed to call in or be at work and it was such an odd feeling to just sit and not have a time limit to my life.

I am looking forward to many more adventures that I never thought I could do. This Friday night I get to go do ZUMBA with my niece at 6 pm. I get to go to her softball games. I get to bake whenever my sister gives me a call. Man, life is good.

No more wishing I could do things. This year is all about actually DOING things!

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