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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Storage a Positive or a negative?

I'm an anti-storage person.

Cor is a Super storage person.

If he could save everything he would. And not in a very organized way either. Unless it's his tools. Kinda.

When we first started looking for a house Cor thought that storage would be one thing I looked for. Extra closets, lots of Bathroom drawers, a big pantry, tons of cupboards.  I wanted none of that.

We would watch HGTV and see people touring houses complaining that there was a lack of closets and I would want to shake them.

The house we bought has a ridiculous amount of storage. We have a 840 sq ft shop. We have an entry closet, a pantry closet, a huge water heater/hall closet, a laundry room with shelves, a guest bathroom with a resonable amount of storage, a master bath with so many drawers and cabinets that half are sitting empty, a Master closet with only one wall being used and it is the shortest wall in the whole walk-in. Oh and we have two empty back bedrooms. Not including my hutch or our bookshelves and all that crap.

We have more storage than stuff and I have noticed us filling it slowly over the last 4 months.

We figured out this difference when I suggested ripping down cupboards in the kitchen so that it could be more open. Cory said no. Where would I put dishes? Where would I put bowls? I don't want a place to put any of that.

Let me explain.

The more storage the more you store.

Makes sense right? If you have the space you will probably fill it. Once filled you will assume you need more space. To fill. It's a vicious cycle that I can't stand.  I am totally aware that I fall into this trap but I try not to.

When we downsized to a condo to save for a house I got rid of so much stuff. Then, a year later, I got rid of more stuff when we moved into our house. Now, 4 months later, I feel like it's all creeping back in on me. How we have managed to fill a 2,000 sq ft house with stuff from a 800 sq ft apartment completely amazes me.

I try to always get rid of old clothes when I buy new ones and same with shoes and the like. But when it comes to house stuff I seem to get rid of things I never use only to find myself buying a newer version of what I got rid of. Then I never use that either! Why do I waste our money on this crap?

So, following my Spring do something post, I am going to clean house. I do not need 2 waffle makers. I do not need 3 crockpots, one that is missing a lid. I do not need 7 different mixing bowls that are all about the same size. I do not need another pretty serving tray that I will pack away and never use. And I most definitely do not need any more cheap Tupperware when I have my glass Pyrex and there is only 2 of us!

It's time to clean the clutter and bring order back to our house.

I have 4 full junk drawers. FOUR FULL JUNK DRAWERS!! Why?!!

 Kitchen cupboards galore

 Bathroom with drawers not shown
 Laundry (prior to cabinets)
 Guest room #2 closet (now full of painting supplies and other crap)
 Master closet (this is a huge room and we only use these shelves)
 Guest room #1 closet (full of crap)
 Master bathroom cabinets (6 drawers, 5 cabinets)

Not even including our hall closet or entry way..... This is just too much storage. 

Now to plan how to use it correctly and not to hoard!

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