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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bathroom Blues

So a few weeks ago I got a bug up my bootaytay and decided to start chipping away at the flakes on the ceiling of my guest bathroom. It has a heavy texture that matches all the walls and I can't stand it. But the main issue was that it wasn't properly primed and so it was wasting away.

Fast forward 3 hours later and not much was accomplished.
This is a close up of the texture and what it looked like once I started scraping.... Not fun. Some places it was really thick and would come right off but most places were so thin it would just rip the dry wall.... SO, I got creative and decided to just "mud" over the whole ceiling.
 This is the first application that Cor did and it still needs to be sanded down and prepped for the second and hopefully final mud.
You can see that some bubbles are kinda evident and we can't figure it out on why it happened but hopefully it can be sanded away since we are planning on not adding texture and will be using a semi-gloss paint.

Now Cory has decided that he wants to do the walls too so everything is flat. This was my initial idea when we bought the house. But now it just seems silly. Does it really matter if the walls are textured? Does anyone really even notice? Do I care if they even notice? 

I think I bit off way more than I am willing to chew! I have about 2 weeks to get this bathroom finished and I still need to prime and paint the walls and vanity, add new hardware, redo the light fixture (awesome project in mind for that!) and re caulk the tub. Not including the floors which need to be ripped out and the subfloor replaced.... That is slotted for the end of April.

Can't wait to show some final pictures on this guy! I think it will be my favorite room!

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