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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wheeler and his sleep.....

My dog is a spoiled doggy. He gets to do whatever he damn pleases because, well, he is so darn cute!
He gets fed his regular dog food in the morning and normally doesn't touch it until we get home. He scarfs that down and then gets a second bowl of dog food with a steak, chicken breast or a slice of pizza. Basically we cook for three around these parts.

Like I said, the dog is spoiled.

He is also entirely too lazy. I was cleaning out my phone and found so many pictures of him sleeping I figured I would share with you all! Here is part one of who-knows-how-many-parts-of-my-lazy-spoiled-dog's cute mug!
Wheeler being the lead in the begging pack!
Sleeping on the couch with the boy's legs wrapped around him
Laying in the corner at the vet, trying to avoid the tech!
He loves the heater... like, loves it!
Every morning this is what he does when we get out of bed.
Yes, he was sleeping like this for about 2 hours.
He then decided my face would be much more comfortable.
Aren't puppies supposed to be energetic???
This is how my dog plays with his toys. Yep.
Dreaming about those darn flies he loves to chase.
He has decided he doesn't need an invitation to be on the couch anymore.
Snuggled up in the blankie.
Really wanting to close those big brown eyes!

I'll leave you with that overdose of adorable! Much more of where these came from in the future!!


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  1. holy cute. i take lots of pics of my doggie too, its hard not to when they are cute! love the one where he is sleeping ON you...