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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wheeler update!!

Wheeler is growing up and spoiled as ever! He spends his nights smooshed between me and Cory until he gets sick of me using him as a pillow so then he wiggles to the other side of me and pushes me off my pillow so that he can rest his little head. So spoiled. Now that it is getting colder, he gets wrapped in his own blanket at night too.... an 80 pound dog wrapped up like a burrito. Ridiculous.

He has been way too spoiled lately. He gets better food than we do most nights! I am trying to teach him to cock his head to the side and blink three times for treats! The only problem is it's so damn cute that it kinda encourages begging.

We took him camping with a few friends, their dogs and dirt bikes a few months back. Cory and I got there first and Wheeler loved running with the bikes! A few times he would be fine and not care if Cory took off but then a minute later he would book off to find him. It was very nerve racking! Especially once the other bikes got there. I had to keep pepperoni slices on me to bribe him to stay in the camp! He finally got so worn out he just collapsed. The poor dog who is so stocky he can barely run around the yard is running as fast as the bikes through rocky terrain for upwards of 10 minutes at a time! lol. He was so sore he was literally shaking to stand.

We took him with us for our family picnic as well and what a hassle! He has such horrible seperation anxeity that he freaks out if left alone. He did fine once we got smart adn tied him up with another dog up at the house and away from the commotion.

Maybe it's time for a buddy for the Wheeler dog??

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