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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Confessions: Take 2

I'm happiest when my world is in order.

I'm not OCD about it but I love things in their proper places at the proper times.

My morning starts out perfect if the bathroom floor is clean of lint, hair, and grime.

I love when my toilet is sparkling white without the pink hard water ring of gooey yuckiness staring up from the bowl.

The cherry on top is when I have a fresh shower liner, sparkling walls and a perfectly scrubbed bathtub to stand in.

Now that is just for the first ten minutes of my day! It gets even better when all my shoes are lined up in the closet waiting for me to pick them while my tops hang above them in perfect order; from tank top to long sleeve and each section by color.

I love opening my sock drawer to perfectly rolled socks and my panty drawer with everything in order.

I hate digging thru piles of clean socks for matching socks.

I hate brushing my teeth while a dirty sink with shavings in it stares up at me. YUCK

Well, what this ends up doing is setting my day up for failure or success. I don't think it should be that way and so I am making steps to start every day on a great note by being more organized!

I got a basket for the bathroom to hold the magazines, bath bombs, baby wipes and tampons that always clutter the back of the toilet and around the floor of the toilet.

I bought a few cheap shower liners at walmart so I can switch them out when the bottom gets grimy.

I'm doing a quick scrub down with the toilet brush when that water ring forms and I'm looking into tablets I can put in the back to soften the water.

I have a huge canister of Lysol wipes that I grab to do quick wipe downs of the counters, walls, and floors.

So far so good.

My kitchen has been rearranged a total of 8 times in the past 1 1/2 years and I think I finally found a way that works for me and feels clean, open and organized.

My living room has been changed around to feel more comfortable and cozy, while my downstairs bathroom is finally put together with a theme and I love it!

I have a dining room table that has become a 'catch-all' and that is my next mission- organize the bills upstairs to my desk and make my table for EATING at!

I feel like I have my house primed to start working for me and feeling like a home. I can't wait for school to be over so books, papers, knives, aprons, and the smell of onions can leave my living room for good!

Now if I can find a way to calm my road rage on my 75 minute commute every morning.....

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