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Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 things I want to do before I die.... From 2003

I find this list every couple years. I wrote this as an assignment in Mr. Iverson's US History class.

It's funny to look back on this and realize so much of this I still really want.
More on that in the future.

1. Travel to the 4 corners of the US
2. Ride a custom trike cross-country
3. go to college
4. Got to Culinary School
5. Go to Beauty School
6. Become a kindergarten teacher
7. marry the love of my life
8. Name my first boy Bearett Keith
9. Travel to Australia
10. Backpack Europe
11. Open my own business
12. Have a HUGE family
13. Be content with my finances
14. visit Amsterdam
15. Be the best mom
16. Play with Bears
17. Have 2 bunnies
18. Own a mastiff dog
19. own two mini dogs (breed doesn't matter)
20. go to prison for 24-48 hours
21. Visit Alcatraz
22. Become Famous
23. Name my girl Belle
24. Swim with Dolphins
25. Own a remote cabinm
26. Own a snowmobile
27. Become a great snowboarder
28. Learn to Surf
29. Learn to fly a helicopter
30. Drag race
31. Do motor-cross
32. enter a 4x4 contest
33. Go to Margaritaville, Fl
34. Own a beach house in California
35. Own a New York Loft
36. Go to the 7 wonders of the world
37. Have a daycare
38. visit Wisconsin and Vermont
39. Go to the SUperbowl
40. Be supportive of friends and family
41. Visit old war landmarks
42. learn more about marketing
43. Not to be scared of waterskiiing anymore
44. Have Jesse James build me something
45. Build my own 4x4
46. Design clothes
47. Write Children's books
48. Get my art into a show
49. Forge Steel
50. blow glass

Do you have a list? What is your top 3?

1 comment:

  1. I call mine a Life List and I've been pretty good about following it. Top three: Visit London (did it twice); go to Hawaii (trip # 7 coming up); get out of my hometown in southern Missouri (accomplished when I was 15); see a show on Broadway (done it twice). Okay, that's four. Learning to count was never on the list.