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Thursday, January 14, 2010


So.... It's been awhile.

In that while I have had one of my favorite Chrstmas' to date.

 I have had a perfect start to the new year with Cory and I ordering pizza and relaxing.

I had my dad, mom, and little bro in town for all of last weekend and it was amazing.

I started college. I started college. Still kinda crazy to say.

I have started classes at the Art Institute of Seattle for Culinary Arts. Unfortunately I am not able to financially afford to go for a degree program as of this moment so I am doing the Diploma program which is just as great. I Started on Tuesday with my lecture class and Wednesday/Thursdays are my cooking classes. I love my instructors, well, so far at least! My cooking group is made up of 2 other guys and another girl. They all seem like hard workers and passionate about this. So far we are making a great team and I'm excited to see how far we can go together in this whole little adventure we are on.

In our first little quiz we already took home 1st place and we nagged the perfect table, table one! Our table is where all the demos are done and we are used for examples and things like that. I love it and don't feel nearly as intimidated as before I stepped into the kitchen. They waste no time and have you get in there right away. I'm expecting to burn myself here very shortly and hopefully I can withhold from cutting myself with my insanely sharp knives!! I would much prefer a burn to a cut. No product waste that way!

I love the feeling of sitting in a classroom for 3 hours and taking notes. I love the organization of putting things in the right place in my binder. I have a box of freshly sharpened #2's in my bag with the cute eraser caps and spongy grip things. I love school supplies! I think I mentioned this in one of my September blogs. It's a weakness of mine. Going to Office Depot and collecting notebooks, a 3 hole punch, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, a lock. I loved it! Being able to sit on the floor and spread out with my 5 pages of notes from the first hour of class and my text book cracked open is like a slice of heaven for me. I love school. I always have and now I just need to find away to support this new little addiction of mine! We are encouraged to bring our camera into the kitchen to take photos of what we cook and so I can imagine I will start posting the recipes and photos on here to relate what we are doing. For now, I'm off to do some homework!!

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