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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Tongue!

Tonight will mark my third week and 6th night in culinary school.
Tonight will be the 3rd Thursday I walk up the street and smell the Puget Sound with excitement in my tummy and my recipes on my mind.

Tonight will also mark the 6th day that I have put my tongue thru hell.

Pure hell.

The kind of hell where there are crazy demon men poking at puddles of fire .

One of the girls in my group constantly cuts herself. She cut her finger on day one, she cut her finger on day 3, i think she cut her finger on day4, she cut her finger practicing at home, she cut her finger on day 5.
It's now a on going joke and has gotten a bit ridiculous.

I haven't cut my finger. Nope. Not yet at least.

I'll tell ya what I HAVE done though!

Day 1: burnt the tip of my tongue on stock
Day2: Burnt the tip of my tongue on stock
Day 3: Burnt the tip of my tongue on Espagnole and Veloute
Day 4: Burnt the tip of my tongue on Tomato sauce.
Day 5: the tip is no longer burnable, I think it has been subjected to too much in the past 2 weeks and is now rebelling against me. So, I burnt the MIDDLE of my tongue on minestrone, white beans, french onion, and Black bean puree.

I feel so accomplished!

My tongue now has the EXACT same texture as a cat.

It now has the EXACT same look as a cat tongue.

I have yet to start cleaning myself with it, but I have a feeling after week 8 it might just make the best exfoliator in town!

It hurts, it hurts real bad-like.

I don't think I can taste anything anymore. I don't think I can EAT anything anymore!

Tonight I'm making consomme and chicken waterzooi.

Tonight I may just burn my tongue again. Why ruin a tradition?

I suppose these are the times I should be thankful that the BF isn't big into making out.
I suppose now is the time to stay away from citrus.
I suppose I should finally learn how to blow properly.

Um, yeah... Disregard that last comment.
I suppose now is the time I should learn how to let things cool a tad before tasting.

Other than my tongue pretending to be a cat tongue and full of hell fire, I love school.

I decided it last night and so I think you all should know.

I love it! I adore it! I am meant to do this right now in my life.

So here is my love to your smooth, cool tongues and may you forever appreciate the pale pink tenderness that is your sweet innocent tasting tongue!

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  1. This was a fun read (despite the pain your tongue has been experiencing yikes!) I'm not sure what I'd rather deal with, a burn or a cut? :S