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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The people and pets I live with

Let's see..... Hmm.... Where to start.... I'm living in Mukilteo, well, Everett if you want to be precise. I live with my boyfriend Cory; my brother Austin; and Cory's friend, JJ. It's still very new and we are all still learning each others quirks and pet peeves. We have a fish that my niece, Mikayla, named Pretzel, much to Cory's dismay. He thinks it's a silly name since it looks nothing like a pretzel but it has stuck so that's his name. Prezel is pretty bad ass... You can shake his food at the tank and he'll come swimming right up. Or if you are just chillin in the kitchen he'll swim up and watch everything you do. We just got a little puppy and his name is Wheeler. I tried to tell him he looks nothing like a Wheeler but than the damn dog had to go climb all over everything as if to tell me he may not look the part but he can act the part. Wheeler was a rescue puppy and has had a tough little life for the first 8 weeks. His momma and all his litter mates were dropped off at the main intersection in Granite Falls, WA. All of his brothers and sisters and momma died. One sister and Wheeler were caught but the sister had been hit and had massive injuries to the neck and back and so she was euthanized. Wheeler was the sole survivor. The lady that caught him had rehomed him to a family with 2 little kids who named him Cody and that lasted for about a day until the landlord saw him and knew he would be more than 30lbs. So they took 'Cody' back to the person they got him from. Luckily for me, I was searching Craigslist daily for a puppy that fit Cory's requirements. I showed him a pic of Wheeler and we went to go see him that night. He was the sweetest dog in the world and very smart. We put him in the bed of the truck to let him wander around while we talked to the chicka that was rehoming him. He was very good and just kinda did his own thing but came when you called him and didn't seem skiddish of anything driving past on the highway. Huge trucks and little race cars didn't even make him perk his big ol' ears up but then it happened. A Harley rode by and all of a sudden His ears were up and he was trying to look over the side to see it. We thought it was a fluke then a second one went by and the same thing happened. Cory looks straight at me and then at the lady and said he's a keeper, he likes Harleys. Wheeler is pretty well adjusted and has already been on a few little weekend trips with us and listens very well. He is just about fully potty trained already at a 9 weeks! He can sit and stay. He knows NO very well. He doesn't chew on anything yet but I'm sure that will change pretty soon. Altogether a good looking puppy and super chill. We lucked out on this one! So onto the people.... Let's start with Austin. Austin is my older, but not oldest, brother. He has been living with me since about May and so far so good. He's kinda a hermit and doesn't really socialize with any of us but that's the way he likes it so who am I to force him out of his little dungeon. We have always been pretty close and he is the sweetest guy I have ever known. The last time we lived together was right after I graduated high school and moved back home from my little stint in Cali. It was interesting back then. We were dirt poor and living off of canned potatoes and food people would clear out of the pantry to give us. We shopped at the Grocery Outlet and barely ever had money for gas. We were sharing a car and tryin to make it work. I think I was making about $7.58 and hour working at Albertson's. Anyways.... He is an awesome roomie; doesn't make messes, pays the bills on time and even babysits Wheeler! I love my brother! JJ has been my boyfriends friend since they were wee little tots. I don't know too much about him but I know he has a solid head about him and happens to be a big lover. I can always count on JJ for comedic relief. I think it weirds him out to live with a couple and I think he feels awkward sometimes but it works. He loves to cook so it's lots of fun for me because we kinda take turns and learn from each other. I would have to say he is a pretty solid guy. I joke with Cory all the time about how JJ is totally my #2 and if me and him don't work at least I can fall back on JJ. Cory doesn't think it's very funny though. Hehehe I'm not going to go into Cory right now. I could write abook about him. Just know that he is amazing and you'll learn lots about him... Well, not too much because he would probably kick my booty for writing a blog about him. He likes to stay private. But I'm an open book! So I need to find a good balance before I start in on him. So long for now!

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  1. 2nd cutest puppy in the world....you know who is #1 in my heart ;)